Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The fumes of cars and the KL lites

This morning, 7th July 2008, i was warned of the possible massive traffic jam into the city as DSAI will be presented in court and charge for sodomy. So, the police are taking early precaution by having road blocks at various roads into KL with hope that they could control the in-flow of possible rioters into the city. I take the Besraya Hiway on daily basis and true enough i was welcomed with congested traffic near the UPM intersection. Aaarrrggghhhh!!!!! here we go again. My husband and i were cursing away and soon realise that we can't do much about it except allowing our anger to control us. We were not alone, i bet other drivers were also cursing and allowing their anger and annoyance to get the better of them. We decided to enjoy the jam and made up stories of what other drivers might be thinking at that particular moment, but we failed miserably as it was challenging for us to divert our attention from the agony of inching the hiway.

I just have one question to the Police, have they ever thought that the so called rioters might be taking the public transportation instead and not organise car pools? We, the citizen just want to go to work without going through the endless and pointless crawling on the road. Hey!!! harga minyak naik le oi!!!! tak reti-reti ke? Pedih hati bile tengok the petrol meter kat keta tu cepat sgt turun....absorbing the petrol macam sponge....and here we are burning the petrol on the road because the police buat road blocks!

What amaze me is that how this man, DSAI can be the cause of massive traffic jams for us the law-abiding citizen. This is also an excellent reason for habitual latecomers to tell their bosses why thay are late for work...'ada traffic jam la...DSAI kena tangkap lagi hari ni!"