Saturday, September 20, 2008

ooooss and aaaahhhhsss...

I left secondary school, Sek Men. Taman Sea in 1981. Co-ed school but my class semua girls, except 2 boys. The torns among the roses. Joined the school in 1979 after 2 years at Methodist Girls School in Ipoh. Being the new student, not many friends, just Jamilah, the girl who was seated next to me. Whatever happened to that girl? we lost contact after she left school at the same year. she did not get through SRP or maybe moved to another school. Not sure. Form 4 and Form 5, the same class mates. Class teacher, Mrs. Chandran, a real darling. Sporting, understanding, funny...we just love her. Love u Mrs. C!!! Being the devoted teacher she was, Mrs. C explained to us about the birds and the bees (tried to) to us bunch of 'innocent' girls. We were full of 'oooos' and 'aaaahhhhs'.....(talk about going with the flow). Hey... we were 17, we know these stuff, although there were no internet and the world was so big then but we managed to get enough information or to some the experience. Anyway, that was that.

Since we left school, we had 2 get together sessions. Mrs. C came for our 1st session. Amazing woman. She looked the same as i remembred her. How can that be? She would be what...close to 60 years old. But she does not age a bit. That nite, she made us relate to her what happened in our lives since we left school. Patiently she listen to all our stories. My admiration to this lady, she remembers all our names. Of course yours truly was one her favorites coz she said i was the most cheeky among the malay girls and of course she said that she still remembers me with my comb at hand always attending to my hair...heheheh..Not anymore Mrs. C. Now I just brush my hair once in the morning and the 2nd time would be after my shower at night. Now i keep it short, senang....then i had this long layered hair which i make sure that it stayed gorgeous all day. I had this big red coloured comb. Can't go anywhere without it... nanti i post gambor rambut masa tu...kelakar...(kena cari dulu kat mana album masa sekolah dulu)
The second gathering was in July this year. Mrs. C could not make it. My close friend Chitra and her 3 daughters came, Kit May, came with her daughter came all the way from Kuantan. When girls meet up after so many years, u can imagine the havoc and the noise. We karaoked and sembang till midnite. We promised to do this again. All the gatherings will not happened if not because of the constant reminder from the organiser, Suzie Ong. Rajin betul dia ni organise benda2 macam ni. Thanks again Suzie.