Friday, October 30, 2009

Cerita lama

masa kecik2 dulu dalam umur 4 tahun ke 5 tahun ke, suka main tengah panas. pakai cuma seluar dalam, mak yang jahit. selalunya warna putih seluar kecik tu. duduk berjemur tengah panas, pejam mata, pusing, pusing sampai pening. terkekeh-kekeh. senang je dulu. main macam tu pun boleh dah. sebab tak de kawan nak main, main sorang2 je la. abang dok sibuk dengan kawan dia main perang peluru terung dengan pistol buatan sendiri. adik pulak, ah...kecik lagi. tak boleh buat kawan pun. kakak2, lagi le tak nak kawan. dah anak dara, mana nak kawan dengan kita. tak kisah pun. mak, bapak - sibuk hal2 duniawi. anak2 buat hal sendiri. tapi sebelum mak keluar, makanan mesti dah sedia. mandornya sementara mak tak de, kakak!

apa nak buat ni? sukat kampong pun ok juga. pi bertandang rumah kengkawan pun lagi ok. dari satu rumah ke satu rumah. rumah Dah, main masak2. rumah Ita, main cikgu2, rumah Nun, main anak patung. Cukup la tu sampai petang. rutin harian. senang, mudah, mesra alam.

sekarang, tak de dah kot hidup budak2 macam tu. anak2 sendiri bila cerita semua ni, terkebil2 macam tak percaya. tak boleh nak bayangkan. (tambah nak bayangkan mama main anak patung) sekarang, tak boleh nak pergi bertandang rumah kengkawan sebarangan. nak kemana-mana, hantar dan jemput. ramai sangat orang jahat. sekarang semua pakai duit, dah tak mesra alam.

sangat rindu kampung. tapi sedihnya tak de kampung sendiri lagi. dari kecil menumpang sana-sini.

cerita lama, tapi dalam hati kekal selamanya.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

No Regrets, Just Opportunities

If we were given the ability to turn back the clock, many would do it. Undo the mistakes, make things better, many more in the list as long as at the end of the day we will feel better about ourselves and how things turn out. "If only I were to....." But if we do turn back the clock, will we do better? Turning as far back as the previous hour, yesterday, last year, last decade? Truth is, it will never end. Do u really want to go through the same event for the 2nd time? I surely won't. Maybe u want to focus more on yr studies coz u have been playing truant and not appreciating the need to excel in your studies then and right now u are regretting it for that meager income u get every month. If i were to study more, i should be able to land myself a lucrative job with lucrative pay, etc... Regrets? Obviously. If i were to manage my life better, i would not end in this @#%* hole! But the reality is, no one can turn back the clock. Face it as it comes and hopefully u come out from it in one piece, everything intact including your mind and your soul.

Sometimes we wonder, when will it ever end? Keep on wondering people, coz we dont know. Only God knows what He has for us. It is up to us to see the better side of things, not to overwhelm our lives with obvious regrets and crying over many misfortunes at hand. Every clouds has its silver lining, they say. Some can see it, many dont.

Maybe it is time for us to change all those regrets into opportunities. Learn new things, new skills, new life! Opportunity to be better.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Books for the Soul

At the moment i am reading a few books at one go. Feel like sharing two of these books. 'Putting the Power of your Subconscious Mind to Work' and 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrrari'. Heavy stuff i know, but improve ourselves, we must.

I find the 'subconscious mind' book rather interesting. Written by Dr. Joseph Murphy, the book is a compilation of decades of research and sermon that will show us how to engage our subconscious mind to achieve success in our careers and lives.

It says.....'Your subconscious mind is like a soil, which accepts any kind of idea - good or bad. Your thoughts are active and might be likened to seeds. Negative, destructive thoughts continue to work negatively in your subconscious mind and in due time will evolve into actions that correspond with them. remember, your subconscious mind does not engage in proving whether your thoughts are good or bad, true or false. but it responds according to the nature of your thoughts and suggestions.'

in simple words, if u plant negative thoughts, u will get negative results. same goes with planting positive thoughts will get positive results. your actions will follow through based on the thoughts planted in your subconscious mind.

anyway, more pages to read...

The 'monk' book is by Robin S. Sharma. He was here in Malaysia some time this year talking about personal development and life improvement. The book is an international best seller. It is about Julian Mantle, a superstar lawyer whose out-of-balance lifestyle leads him to a near fatal heart attack in a packed courtroom. His collapse brings on a spirited crisis, forcing him to seek answers to life's most important questions.

At this juncture, I personally like this part where Julian was trying to prove a point to his friend John, his assistant when he was still practising and currently John is a successful lawyer himself.

'pouring tea into a cup until it overflows and run down the table and to the floor is similar to us being so full with our own ideas and no other than our own. How can any more tea go into the cup until we empty it? do we do the same things every day with the same people who thought the same thoughts every day had filled the cup to the brim. we are so set with our ways.

also...more pages to go.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


strawberry yogurt cheese cake - insanely sinful

the birthday boy blowing his candles

today is arif's bday. 10.10.2009. his 5th bday. a simple do at my sister's place. why at her place than ours? senang je...sebab dia buat open house. so, tumpang sekaki. buat sekali our niece's 12th bday which is on 11 oct. takpe celebrate awal. we dont mind, and dia pun suka.

arif finally got his remote control car which he has been bugging me to get him since balik raya kelantan and we threw in another toy, spiderman figurine which he saw at her cousin's engagement last week. seronok la anak ni...tak peduli dah bday cake. although he likes cakes.

remote control car

Arif with his spiderman figurine and Marsya GEFF @ Gedik & Enter Frame Forever

birthday girl al-syahirah ayuni sorrounded by cousins and lil sis (in pink-striped)

Ya with her bday presents

arif with cousins

the happy family with bday girl

arif with ayah and mama

something missing though. abang afiq tak de to join the celebration. he is in Melaka, learning as an apprentice at one of the bakery shops there. miss him. tak biasa dia not around for special celebrations like this. ayahnye dok sebut...afiq tak de tak best la. we are blessed, his 2 sisters ada to melayan adik.

next year...10.10.10, (canteeek kan nombor nih????) will be arif's 6th bday.

hopefully there are many more celebrations next year.

1 inch less

i was at the tailor this afternoon. waist kurang 1 inch. yeahoooooo!!!!! mesti maintain ni...semangat visit to the tailor, biar kurang lagi another inch (macam la pegi tailor tiap2 bulan). ntah2 next visit, tambah 2 inci. AAArrggghhh!!!!! TIDAAAAAKKKKKK....!!!!!!

heheheh....dont ask me what is the measurement. but, smaller than my daughter's...hahahaha, sure atikah marah baca ni. at my age, metabolism pun makin slow, as slow as the siput. makan pun nak sukat. kalau selera macam siput ok, macam ikan paus!!!

tambah2 pulak bulan org semangat buat open house, maka selera pun semakin open. buat syarat...amik bau je la. usik sikit2 hujung2 sudu. adakah aku tak berapa betol? memang pun. how la we only consume all those wonderful spread dgn hujung sudu je.

do u know how tough it is to be in shape and maintain good figure in malaysia. extremely tough, i tell u. ahhh...u know it already kan? there are food everywhere. we are the food loving people. kalau setakat jamu biskut kering je, buat jadi bahan je till the next generation (lainla u nak makan sendiri sebab nak simpan duit nak beli bungalow), paling2 kodi pun, goreng pisang, cekodok ke. lagi berminyak, lagi laju. how? susah...susah... macam mana la tak melompat kat tailor tadi...ala2 menang 1st prize lucky draw company (yang tak pernah menang pun).

Friday, October 9, 2009

blame it on something...

here i am alone at the office trying to settle some backlogs. so much to do with so little time. is it really that or just bad time management? maybe not wanting to delegate is another factor or the classic of all one can do it better than me. hah!!! muhasabah diri...muhasabah diri...have a great weekend guys. lets add more to those kgs!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

OTW home series 2 - It was an unusual crawl

It was an unusual crawl on the way home today. Awww...mannnn....what now???? please la people...i want to go home, i am so tired. it was a long day and even a longer week. i just wanna go home, rest and sleep. it is hard enough to patiently inch my way with the usual crawl and today, the crawl is getting worse. some drivers were cutting other drivers...the normal scene during traffic jams in KL. the most of these kiasus advanced are just one or two cars ahead of you. so much stress of manouvering the steering and your achievement is just that? why do we become a different person when we are behind the wheels? we become selfish, inconsiderate, evil even...why do the police need to have all those Ops Sikaps during festive holidays? Our drivers are like school children need to be told to behave and to stay in line or else...can we ever change?

Back to the unusual crawl on my way home. I normally take the PLUS KL-Seremban hiway and the crawl started way before the Sg Besi toll. a stretch which normally takes less than 5 minutes, took more than 40 minutes. As we passed the toll booths, the crawl reached its most congested number. the traffic was like having constipation. stuck and hard and bad. 500 meters took another 20 minutes. i finally reached to the cause of the congestion. at the opposite road, i saw a big trailer at the side of the road, a motobike and two bodies on the road, motionless. Both bodies were each covered with white and black plastics body bags. a police patrol car was there with a few police personnels. within that few seconds when passing by the scene, i could see blood was all over the dead bodies. i immediately stop all the curses which i was ready to release. i even feel a little shaky to drive at the fast lane. must admit that i usually take the right lane at this stretch but tonight, i took the left lane. No, i did not take photo. i won't, even if i have the opportunity to do so.

How sorry I am for the families of the victims. i know how it feels to lose loved ones that way. to receive tragic news that you have lost your family in an accident is very excruciating. you could be with them just this morning or this afternoon, and then...there are no longer with you forever. i do hope that the families will be brave to go through the ordeal. to be strong and go on living.

Please be careful on the road dear friends and families. Reminding myself too. when we decide to turn the steering to the left or right, make sure that we have taken all the necessary safety measures. I know that there are evil drivers out there who does not consider the safety of others as long as he gets his way by cutting queues, haphazard his way through traffic. when that happens to you, it is as though you could hear him laughing while shouting at you...LOSER!!!! feel like wanna kick his ass!!! or at least smash his wind screen with a baseball bat!!! (bad huh??)

Please drive safe.