Friday, January 31, 2014

Confession ....I fear the water

took up swimming recently. free style swimming class.  taking up 8 classes.  yup,  i cant swim.  facing my fear of the water.  have been avoiding it.  always joked about if i'm thrown into the water, do not fret, i will float eventually....a few hours later.  all these years the children wanted me to join them in the pool.  well, wanted to join them but...i cant swim...see???   finally, they stopped asking.  it was daddy's task to be with them all these while and mama was there to get the food ready after the swim.  

why all of the sudden urge?  dont know...perhaps the timing was just right.  i also have an accomplice to do this.  so it is a little bit easier to take the 1st step. the 1st class was....well...full of fear.  kept on holding on to the edge of the pool.  other students are progressing to other lessons and i was  still struggling to float.  i was afraid that i could drown.  was angry at myself for being such an idiot.  let go...let go....i can't!!  was angry at myself...intensely.  the coach did not force.  at my own pace. finally....she taught me how to paddle and hey...i can float and moving away from the edge of the pool...paddling slowly....going for my 5th class next week.  Became a 'pelajar contoh' last week.  A new student....similar problem with me.  kept on holding the edge of the pool....the coach said to her..."she was also like u...takut...(both of them looking at me) but look at her now...can float and swim a little.  U can do that too."  "Yup that's me", i said.  Dont know whether that is a good thing or not.   

Well....still the slowest among the students.  Must be that age factor...