Monday, January 18, 2010

Drama - Impian Arif

Act 1
Location : Mama's bed
Actors : Arif and mama@mother

The room is dark...faint light from the study room across the hallway. Mama@mother is tired and just want to sleep after a long and tiring weekend. Arif is lying beside her, resting his head on mama's arm and snuggling mama@mother so comfortably. Mama slowly drifting to slumberland when....

Arif : "mama...i want a pet. like my cousins, kak ema...kak ami...i like pets. i like kitty cat. mama, i want a pet, like kak ema and kak ami, my cousin. i like kitty cat, mama. kitty cat is cute, mother." (mother pulak). "i want a kitten. my cousin, kak ema has a pet, kak ami has a pet. i want a pet, mama...." the same line over and over till fade............. Arif is finally.........zzzzzzzzzzzz.....

mama, too sleepy to layan...

Saturday, January 9, 2010


aku lebih senang begini
memendam duka dalam diri

tidak perlu berkata apa
hanya berserah pada yang Esa

aku lebih senang begini
membedung rasa dalam hati

tidak perlu berkata apa
hanya mengulit jiwa yang lara

Saturday, January 2, 2010

What's wrong Arif?

Arif has such sweet tooth. Loves cakes, sweets, and today had too much chocolates. While i was busy with my own work, left Arif with his toys and at the same time conquering the TV remote. Then i heard his voice faintly calling me...."mama...mama...." "yes arif, what's wrong?" i sat beside him and arif immediately opened his mouth while pointing to his teeth. "mama, pain." "Oh Arif sakit gigi ke?" "No, mama, cavity." "Oh..cavity..."