Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crazy December

Bulan ni, crazy, family and friends.

work - after months of preparation and waiting and waiting for the green light, got it from the minister's office when i was in JB. ok, the launch event will be held in less than 5 days! invitations to be sent, confirmation on venue, the media, the speeches, event, launch gimmick, etc....gila sehhhhh....i am fortunate that i have a wonderful team. everybody knows what to do and the boss was happy with the outcome. the event went well and it received very good media coverage. worth it with the vertigo and all.

family - alhamdulillah syukur kepada Allah SWT. Marsya did well in her pmr, 7As 1B. one subject, she is not happy with the result but mama is delighted and proud just the same. she was crying the nite before, worried and anxious, nervous....u name it! dear hubby and i accompanied her to school but kept our distance. tears of joy from ayah and mama when she shared her results slip. another step to becoming a doctor, dear marsya.

- atikah is still trying to adjust with her new life in UiTM. complaining about the distance she has to endure from hostel to faculty and other classes. not used to using her own 2 feet to move from one place to another. pampered, u bet! mama can only lend her ears. shah alam campus is far bigger and those days, walking is the only way for u to get where u want to go or else how can mama have that slim legs and tight butt...hehehe... (but atikah sure is tanned. she's going to sulk reading this...hahaha)

friends - was in ipoh for some work. ipoh is still the same...they say that ipoh town on some days there are traffic jams...perhaps at the traffic lights...heheh..."hari-hari tak jam, sesekali jam. so much different with KL, hari2 jam, sesekali je tak jam....and that is sangat pelik". took the opportunity to meet friends from former school. methodist girls school, ipoh. the last i met them was in 1978....33 years! long time eh? was there for 2 years before i left for petaling jaya for my form 3 and the rest of my school years. some who attended the gathering still look the same though i cant recall their names. but it was pleasant and we had a blast, tak kira la ingat nama or not. They also cant remember who i was. hal apa....

stopped at the school on way back to KL. i like that warm fuzzy feeling...aahhh...