Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mama's little ultraman

Arif giving his favourite pose

"Mama...Arif nak pegi Jusco....jom la...., jom la...mama" that is Arif's my youngest daily dialoque. Merengek....This is the problem for having a shopping complex so near the house. Although just a small complex, it is sufficient to cater for our needs. And in this case, Arif's needs. Why does he asks this everyday? Coz there is where he gets his ultraman figurines and VCDs. He is so into ultraman. Memorizes the theme song, in Japanese! Cakap pun tak berapa betul. (Arif apa ni? pointing my finger to my forehead. He will surely know this. Taught him just the day before.... ....mmm...da...da....daaa...DAHSYAT!!!!....selamba...and he continues with his ultraman VCD...while i was rolling with laughter...).

Don't know what facinates him with ultraman. He knows the names of the various ultramans. I onIy see ultraman as ultraman. They may have their different colours and shapes, but ultraman nonethelss. he would act out the fighting scenes between ultraman and those monsters. It is either ayah or mama as the monsters. But I would normally leave that to his ayah...he does that so much better, hehehehe...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hari Raya = all day dining = family photos

marsya, arif, ami and ema

makan lagi

take 5 before the next makan...

this is the after effect of all the makans....

The gediks..

my youngest, arif

my anak2 and ayahnye

the beauties

the skeemas...

The Ghazali and Khadijah clan

(from left) Ayub, kakak, me and abang

The Ghazali and Khadijah clan berkumpul for hari raya at bukit jelutong, shah alam this year. kakak's place. ayob and family joined us from Kuala Pilah. 4 families = 19 of us. when we used to balik raya in Ipoh when arwah Mak Yah was around, we would be taking family photos before the duit raya session for the kids. We continued the tradition at bukit jelutong, not as many but enough to cause havoc. if we gather for raya in ipoh, there would be at least 13 families and that could easily be 40 0f us...the endless makan as we adopted the all day dining concept. this year, the usual, lemang (all the way from Kuala Pilah), rendang daging, rendang ayam, lontong, nasi impit, kuah kacang spread the table. Kakak made nasi tomato. All those kilos shed during ramadhan, was easily piled back by noon.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Kak Chik 4

To 'HIM' especially

I'll be going away
Shall not come back if possible
I must be free
but to be free, I must be alone
For, you are no longer you used to be
You're no longer for me
It was only infactuation
A rival - your freedom
Staring at each other with feelings of hatred
The victory is yours
My side is always the same
Cos', I've realised and analyse and tend to forget everything
I can only say, forgive me
I shall be in touch
When the time is taken - for the RIVAL is over
But now I'll be moving on
Down south to Shah Alam


Farewell won't be so hard to say
When the time comes, I'll say it
Maybe with a smile, maybe a cry
If that matters much
Yes, I guess it won't
Cos', I'll be leaving just the same
Sad or happy


Before I go away - in all sincerity
I should like to thank you & clique for the trouble you have given me
Many lovely things were done
And many kind words said
May you be rewarded in the years that lie ahead