Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kak Chik 2

Another poem by Kak Chik. The incident with her friends mesti menyayat hati jika diamati bait-bait pusinye... her farewell dedication...

Dedicated to them
When I'm gone to MARA
When means I'll no more see your 4 faces
Do have the courtesy and grace to communicate at the earliest possible phrase
In that place, your faces no more shall I find
But memories will linger in my mind
The 'type pf friendship' weve together found
Holds on the rest of my time
The winds and the rain for your names they cry
Through these I've bid good bye
With tears that can be survived!
Anyhow dear friends, forget me not....

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kak Chik

Below is a poem by my second sister. I called her Kak Chik. Kak Chik passed away peacefully on 8 July 1976 in a car accident. I lost my parents in the same accident...Al Fatihah...
I found her note book years back and it is still in my possession. Honestly, sepanjang hayat arwah, I don't know her that well. I was still budak-budak lagi masa tu, main dengan kawan-kawan lebih penting. What I can remember about her is that, dia ni garang, full of anger (don't know for what reason), popular, ramai kawan, head girl, played hockey for her school. She was very good at decorating the house. kalau rumah bersepah, dia akan naik tocang, scream at you to tidy up the place or she would throw all your things dalam tong sampah or buang terus bawah bukit (Masa kecik dulu, rumah kami di atas bukit, or macam busut je sekarang ni. Bukit dah mendap). Well, kalau dia good mood, she will tidy up the house. Kalau dia dalam mood nak kemas rumah, adik-adik jangan kacau, siap le...ada yang kena nanti. She has this strong oriental features. One of my daughters looks like her. When my second daughter was born, I was so moved with her features, she looks so much like Kak Chik.

The poem below was written by Kak Chik probably when she was getting ready to leave home to further her studies in ITM (now UiTM), dedidated to all her close friends. I don't know what actually happenend between them tapi bunyi macam serius yang teramat.

My Greatest Mistake
I've broke my promise
I've hurt my very best friend
I've dropped an adorable man's pride
I've been egoistic to those I'm known to
I've done something without twice in thinking
I've been a child all these while
Though I know I'm a matured woman
And still I acted so & so
Just don't know for what reason
It came naturally
I'be been praising my ownself, butI've also degraded my ownself
What had I being up to of reason, I guess
Those were my mistakes
Being involved in it was sure heart-killing!
Never mind, what is done cannot be undone...
Just treat it as a guide for future trials

Sunday, April 6, 2008

GK 1

U can never know how far u can go and how high u can climb until u try. Semua ni cukup tepat for me. The thought for doing it pun dah cukup mencabar for me. A very close friend of mine suggested the idea to me last year. Without hesitation and careful thought, i said yes almost immediately. Bila dah said ok to join her advanterous expedition, mula fikir...whether it would be possible for me to even attempt such feat. Bila dah confirm, mana boleh back off, i would say. Berpegang kepada pesanan arwah mak saudara, 'bila dah mula buat sesuatu, mesti make sure habiskan. Kalau tidak, kita tak dapat tengok hasilnya or else we will wonder forever whether we can really do it'. (takde le campor2 cakap omputih, tapi u know what i mean). Amanat yang dipegang sampai tua. Cuba juga terapkan on my children. kenapa ingat pesanan arwah mak saudara? sebab dia ni lah took us in, kami adik beradik after my parents passed away in a road accident. So, banyak juga lah belajar dengan my aunt sebab dengan mak sendiri tak sempat nak pick up banyak sebab kecik lagi masa tu (itu citer lain).

Nak menempuh and mencuba aktiviti lasak, kena le prepare diri secara fizikal. Stamina kena cukup, tapi biasala, sebab dah lama tak buat aktiviti fizikal macam ni, liat sungguh nak mula langkah pertama. Buat juga la exercise apa yang patut. Woi, bukan main-main punye kerja....nak conquer Gunung Kinabalu! Aje nye gile....!!!!! Bila i told my family about hasrat hati nak panjat GK, diam sumenye...boleh ke? They asked. Are u serious? Tak menggalak langsung (berdetik hati). Tahu le kita ni, dia orang sayang kat kite. tak nak kita buat kerja bahaya macam ni. My brother said "...hish!!! bukan senang oi... " (sambil membelek betis aku, mungkin jawapan ada di situ. Lagi besor betis, or lagi keding betis, tandanye boleh le panjat GK. Always a postive one, my brother said..."Tapi boleh kot...U can do it lah, don't worry". Kita dok pikir, listen to the expert. He would know, after all dah ramai dah dia bawak turun naik gunung ni sebab dia pun banyak buat similar expeditions. Bawak group masuk keluar hutan. Lega juga rasanya bila dengar dia cakap macam tu.

Maka, prepare le kita ni secara fizikalnye for the GK climb. Mula2 pusing2 kat rumah je, later merebak ke KL. Orang kata kalau dapat panjat tangga Batu Caves dalam 4 ke 5 kali, kira macam dah sampai GK la....Iye ke? Kami pun cuba le. With a few friends we conquered the steps of Batu Caves, all 278 (or 276?) steps for a few weekends (almost). setiap kali di Batu Caves, naik tangga tu 2 - 4 kali. The best part is that, sepanjang menjadi warga lembah kelang for the past 30 years, tak pernah jejak sekali pun kat Batu Caves steps, tapi nak panjat GK punya hal, ku gagah juga! When we were at Batu Caves, ramai juga yang turun naik tangga tu. Bukan saja worshippers and tourists, tapi orang2 macam kami, training for something. Tua, muda, budak2, men, women, mat salleh..pun ada. Perhati juga budaya orang India and bagaimana amalan agama Hindu. Well, an eye-opener for me. My 1st attempt to panjat Batu Caves, was a disaster. baru naik separuh, dah nak half dead. later, when descending the steps, my knees were wobling already....tak kan le jatuh tergolek, muka pucat lesi tak usha ceriter la....Penat dan tercunggap. I was gasping for air, my knees were weak and face was pale, my finger nails has turned blue.!!!! that was only after getting up half of the steps during my 1st attempt. MY GOD!!!! what am i doing? only half of the steps, and I am already half dead! that really put my thoughts into perspective. "memang kerja gile!" My last physically challenged feat was 20 years ago when I was a ROTU cadet. Today, I'm not fit at all!!!! I have to put in a lot of work into buiding up my stamina. It has been a long time. very long....

Friday, April 4, 2008

sebenarnye rata-rata kita ramai kawan. Kawan-kawan masa kecik, masa sekolah, kawan masa kat sekolah menengah, kalau duduk hostel mesti ada kawan sebantal and sepinggan. Bila berpeluang belajar lagi, kawan masa kat kolej and lepas tu kawan sepejabat. Boleh kira ke setakat ni? mesti tak terkira! tapi rasanye kawan yang benar-benar sejati boleh kira dengan tangan. Kawan-kawan ini yang will not question your judgement, will always be there to support and take care of matter what. I am very fortunate being blessed with many good friends. Rasanya kena kira dengan kedua-dua tangan masuk jari kaki sekali. (for me anything more than 10, is SO BIG already!!!! and please have the calculator handy, betul kan Yus???). To all my close friends, my buddies....I treasure all of you and each and everyone has their own spot in my heart. each of you give me strength in your own way. Thank you my friends.

Why the title 'Snapshots of Life'
why do i choose 'Snapshots of life' as the title of my blog? 2 reasons :1. i am an amateur photographer although i have the basics in photography. took that subject in college. amazed with the compositions of photographers and how these professionals can capture a slice of life merely through one picture. my intention is to capture the moments of my life and the life of others whom are very near to my heart and of course issues that are worth mentioning. 2. the very first time i used the phrase 'snapshots' was when my i was to handle a merdeka programme on radio for my former company. My former boss, Allahyarham Encik Azizuddin suggested the title 'Snapshots of yesteryears' and in the programme, listeners were encouraged to call in and share how was life during their childhood days that was no longer in existence. the programme was such a big hit. The listeners shared what was like when they were young and share their loss of the yester years. that phrase 'snapshot' really left an impact and i really understand what it actually meant and Encik Azizuddin, the most understanding and sporting boss ever! i thanked you for coming out with such a meaningful phrase...
Now what?
So, my very own blog....hmmmm....what to say? what to write??? Being not so internet savvy, it was very challenging for me to reach this stage. All these were through trial and error. Lots of errors!!!!to some, creating own blog is peanut, but for me something to shout about. I told myself one day I will have one and here I am. need to brush up my writing skills anyway. Arwah mak wanted me to become a writer and she gave me her 'nama samaran' (is this the right term?) as my birth name with hope that I would become a writer like her. I hope i will be a serious writer with published titles.