Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kak Chik 2

Another poem by Kak Chik. The incident with her friends mesti menyayat hati jika diamati bait-bait pusinye... her farewell dedication...

Dedicated to them
When I'm gone to MARA
When means I'll no more see your 4 faces
Do have the courtesy and grace to communicate at the earliest possible phrase
In that place, your faces no more shall I find
But memories will linger in my mind
The 'type pf friendship' weve together found
Holds on the rest of my time
The winds and the rain for your names they cry
Through these I've bid good bye
With tears that can be survived!
Anyhow dear friends, forget me not....


Cik Ketumbar said...

rasa ada continuity dgn poem kat entry sebelum nih. kalaulah i kat tempat her frens, sure i rasa tak tentu arah dah... hanya mereka yg tahu what actually had happened.

to us yg masih lagi bernyawa, do appreciate people around us.. jangan tunggu sehingga mereka tiada atau kita pergi dulu. masa tu slogan Biar Lambat Asal Selamat tak leh nak digunapakai lagi.

Yusnie said...

my dear friends, i shall never forget you all... selagi nyawa dikandung badan.

alamak, akak nak tangkap leleh lah pulak :P