Friday, September 17, 2010

What a way to go...

Satu Malaysia is talking about the gruesome murder of 4 unfortunate malays. Datuk Soosilawati Lawiya (DSL) and 3 other men, close aides of DSL were murdered in cold blood..and semua rentetan peristiwa which led to the death of the 4 were splashed all over the media for all to read and digest. Syaitan memang diikat dalam bulan puasa tapi manusia is beyond that bila dah buat the same MO sejak sekian lama. When were are angry, we sometimes can't see the implication of our actions and as expected. some voices out there are igniting ethnic cleansing, politicising it and macam2 lagi rubbish talk. Semua nak membawa ke arah feeling of remorse and hate.

DSL, nama yg disegani dalam industri kosmetik tempatan. Perhaps she was one of the first few wanita yg berjaya dalam peniagaan ini. Made her fortune from hard work. Im sure she was a shrewd businesswoman and i have heard talks about how she handled her business. Tapi itu business, must be firm and shrewd or else kena pijak dengan orang lain. Kalau tidak macam mana nak build her business and at the same time raising her children, being a single parent. and all. Nothing else but my full admiration for such grit and determination.

Met her in person a few times in my line of work. Nouvelles Vissage was the main sponsor for a program called Anugerah Hari Ibu, anjuran majalah Keluarga-Seri Dewi, terbitan Karangkraf. I represented my company as one of the co-sponsors. During the press conference to announce the program, she came alone, no entourage. Her speech was loosely scribbled on a piece of paper perhaps torn from her note book or exercise book, perhaps wrote it on the way there. Simple and straight to the point. She was on first name basis with the editors and yes, she was friendly and humble (love her accessories though...hehehehh). There were other occasion where i met her again. i was amongst the crowd especially in events organised by Kumpulan Karangkraf

The last time our path crossed was on 1st August 2010. Sat beside her at my niece's wedding reception. She was in pink kaftan and selendang. Simply stunning and yes, i like her accessories then too. She came with her husband, yes the 3rd publicity shy husband. Friendly and introduced herself to me even before i do. Was about to start a conversation, but soon after she was whisked away and placed at the high table with the bride and groom.

And now she's gone. Due to her high profile status, he missing person report by her family was picked up by the media and it went out of control when the police found her car and started to pick-up suspects, the rest are the stories u read in the newspapers. Right now it is believed that there could be about 20 persons dead committed by the same suspects. 20! Crazy!!!! Terlalu ramai dah dibunuh, bakar and dibuang abu...another 1 or 3 does not make any difference. Kalau ditangkap, with enough evidence and put on trial, the suspects akan turun naik mahkamah for all 20 cases and they will surely live longer than most of us under the very care and money paid by the tax payers. And if found guilty pun, mati sekali je. Tak kan la nak gantung for 20 times kot!

As for DSL, she worked hard for her fortune. She was merely demanding for her money, rightfully hers. We will do the same when another decided not to honour their side of the bargain. Due to her high profile status, the police have to work extra hard on the case and the media frenzy added more to the pressure and right now the police is re-opening cases which have links to the main suspect. Kalau DSL is just like one of us, would the police take any heed to the missing person report placed by the family???

Her kampung folks say that DSL was a kind hearted and giving person. Will always extend her help whenever she can. Perhaps this is her destiny. Helping the dead? Helping other families of the dead find answers...Putting a stop to a monster, evil man but at the expense of losing her life. Kita tak tahu caturan Allah SWT...

My prayers goes to DSL's children, her mother, husband and the rest of her family. They lost a loving mother, daughter, wife. May they find strength during this trying time.