Thursday, September 24, 2009

Arif at SDMC

Abg Afiq looking worried, ayah sleepy, mama....snapping away

weak smile for the camera

annoyance...'dah le tu mama...!!!!'

At Sime Darby Medical Centre (SDMC) since 3 am yesterday. We had to rush Arif who was having high fever, vomiting...Arif has always been an active boy, but when he is not well, as u can see from the pix below...looks so weak and grumpy. Tonite is my 2nd nite camping here and sleeping on the RM10/nite rented kerusi malas. Arif kept on asking me to take him home. "How can i do that Arif if u are still not well", kept on explaining that to him. The reason for him wanting to be home is to get that remote control car he has been asking since we got back from Kelantan. Saw the remote control car at his uncle's house. Jusco is so near the house and...well...u know la...want to go there and look for one.

Right now Arif is on his 2nd bottle of sodium cloride and glucose intravenous infusion (that's what it said at the bottle). His fever, has gone down. But he is still vomiting and cirit-birit. hopefully we dont have to be here for the 3rd nite.


Anakmami said...

laaaa... ciyannya Ariff... nih dah balik nih so dah belikan dia remote control car ker???

AmoiG said...

heheheh...belum. Selagi boleh delay, mama will delay it. But it is tough nak menjawab a 5 yr old, do u knw that?

Anakmami said...

yup, mmg dah lama tahu hehehehe