Wednesday, April 17, 2013

lets vote for peace and harmony

the election is near.  everybody seems to have something to say about it.  the disease of always blaming one another.  the recent x-rated video footage of 1 leader from the opposition party...what an evil bunch of people who set this up in that hotel room.  yeah, i saw part of the video and no, i did not forward it.  all these are bunch of idiots really.  and we the people have to chose amongst these idiots!

i for one do not appreaciate any hard sell on anything be it a product or political party.  we knw what we know and we know what we need.  who are they to tell me what i need or dont need.  and please...please stop putting up the faces of leaders on lamp post buntings, billboards or on anything they can print on.  he is not the only one managing and ruling the country.  we the people also contribute.  the government staff, the ketua2 kampung, D.O., teachers, and all the unsung heroes including u and I.  we have our own way of contributing towards the nation, like not organising another riot.  we should, u know...organise some kind of demo or something.  the budget tabled does not favour the middle income grp (so called).  we r not entitled for BR1M, the smart phones subsidy, and other subsidies given to the people.  we pay our income tax every year yet we get nothing in return being the people of this nation.  oh yes, received (with thanks) the RM100 subsidy for student for 2 of my kids.  next year only eligible for 1.  that's it!  petrol subsidy?  yeah...the rich are also getting it!  what do we get?  nothing much....yet we are still here obeserving and tolerating all u politicians passing judgement and blaming one another. 

the oppositions are not promising too.  PKR is the loudest of the 3.  screaming and yelling, while PAS is NATO and DAP is quiet...u better be careful when someone is being quiet.

aarrggghhh....who cares what i think?  i do.

i want rebates for my income tax, i want the government to lower the cost of houses.  by the time my children start to earn a living, the cost of a decent house could reach RM1.0 million!  Isn't that insane???  i want the government to lower the cost of consumer products, i want the political parties to respect one another.  i do not want to read in the workers being attacked by the another party for hanging flags and buntings.  Why????   the one causing hurt...malays and the one who got hurt are malays too.  Idiots!!

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