Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Will it ever be?

Sacrifices has become expectations and no matter how, they are still not enough.  In the eyes of others, we are to drop everything and be at where u are expected to be no matter how difficult it is for you.  These ppl seems to forget that we know our responsibilities and commitments.  We cant be at two places at one time.  To make sure that we are there, not physically, but perhaps spiritually, we make arrangements and adjustments.  It does not mean that other matters are not important. They are of equal importance. It is sad that ppl only see what they want to see at that particular moment without realising that what they say might hurt another.  But then who cares....they are right anyway....

i have always been at the background...i dont crave for attention nor limelight.  i only seek for understanding and support coz i have given a lot to them.  when they dont, still i dont rant about it.  i try putting myself in their shoes and try to understand with some justification here and there.  I continue to support irregardless of their shortcomings (nobody's perfect, including me).  i do it out of love and 'ikhlas'.  i hope they wd do the same. 

when u read remarks saying that i allow bosses, work and friends rule my life....how does that make u feel?
i dont love my family?  i dont prioritise them?

u began to think...have i not done enough?  have i not love enough?  have i not sacrifice enough?

will it ever be enough? 

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doodlemom said...

we will never win aunty, no matter how hard we try to work at it to balance family and work..the only consolation i have is, being away the judgemental society, we take life as it is..any shortfall takde orang nak komen.