Sunday, March 6, 2016

well you is that age thingy...

i know i can't be a travel writer.  sucks at details and planning.  if i dont have my dear friend cik gee with me, i wd surely die on foreign soil!  highly dependable on her on all the planning and places to visit.  i paid what was due to get me there and i know i wont starve as we have all the meals included.  in fact all my trips with her was due to her careful planning of places to visit and most importantly within the budget.

we were in china, southern China.  Guangdong and Hunan from 26th April - 1st May 2013.  there were 6 of us including cik gee and i.  visited many places...mountain tracking most of it.  no prior preparation and my fitness level was very poor so i ended up looking at the asses of my other group members cos i was always the one left behind.  they are a lot younger and well.... i need to justify for being left behind and age factor works every time..hehehehehe

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