Thursday, July 14, 2016

that turning point

they left us 40 years ago, on 5th July 1976.  from that point on, life was uncertain.  at 12 years old, how could u possibly figure to carry on with your life without yr parents.  when is the next meal coming from, where do we get money to survive?  can we afford school?   all i know then was i have to go to school.  i have skipped too many days of school.  

why do i still write about this?  i dont know.  i suppose that was the turning point in my life.  from being too contented for having yr parents around to ended up with nothing but the mere few stuff in the house.  Even that we had to leave.   

from that point on wards, your perspective changed too.  however, during that trying time, we were blessed with good relatives.  they did not abandon us.  they helped us settle down wt Mak Yah...(Al-Fatihah).

i sometimes wonder, if that fateful day did not happen, and life goes on as usual, will i be here, doing what i do now or wd i still be in Kuala Kangsar going on with my life?

i was in Kuala Kangsar a few weeks ago.  not much difference to the town...seems the same.  i know i wont get lost there.  the main road in town, the town's tower clock, those shops by Sg Perak, the friendly people.  the look and feel are still the same.  

there i was cruising around town, i could feel like there is that loss u are missing someone, something.... went also to the house, or rather the spot where our house was...there is a new house on that tiny land... the neighbourhood although more houses now, i could still recognise some of them.  my best childhood days were spent here.  most of my good memories were collected from here.  my friends and i wd be playing from morning till Maghrib... 

although we dont have much, i was a happy child.

it was a nostalgic trip.  

Rindu......Al Fatihah Mak, Bapak, Kak Chik...

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